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Mission statement


The Mission of Trinity United Church

is to be the ears, eyes, feet, hands and heart of Christ

in the Harrowsmith-Verona area

and in the world




Harrowsmith-Verona Pastoral Charge

February 2018





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Harrowsmith-Verona Pastoral Charge Financial Reports For 2017. 5

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Trinity United Church Financial Reports for 2017. 15




Harrowsmith-Verona Pastoral Charge





Note from the Minister


Happy New Year to you all.


It is both a privilege and a blessing to be ministering with you. As we have just begun our time together my learning curve is steep and exciting.


This past year has been a time of tremendous challenge for Harrowsmith-Verona Pastoral Charge and with those challenges comes a new part of our sacred journey. This journey has a story to tell, your own story – it includes that of our ancestors in faith and also the new chapter yet to be written.


I have seen signs of great strength in the face of loss and a shining hope for what is to come. Through all of this I know that when God speaks to us in this world it is into our personal lives that we hear God’s voice. There are times when we feel great loss in the face of tragedy and our hearts are heavy. We have a tremendous capacity for failure as human beings and we all understand what it is to estrange the people and places in our lives that we need the most. And yet, we also have hearts that expand and hold close those who are in need, both near and far. And then there are times of quiet when our souls are stilled – and at and in any of those moments, God speaks.


May we be open to God’s voice – whether it sound in music or in children’s voices. Whether we know it in the touch of a hand or a gentle smile – the voice of our Creator may be heard.


It is my hope and prayer for us all, that as Trinity United Church lives and breathes that we might know God in the complex variety of our living – that we might hear and know the voice of God in our holy humanity.


We are God’s beloved children – May we claim that truth and live it boldly and joyfully into our faith journey together.


In one peace,



Dear Friends,


Welcome to 2018 and all that life and faith will offer you.  I am pleased to have this opportunity to send you a note of thanks through your 2017 Annual Report and also extend to you my best wishes and prayers for the new page in your ministry just begun.  No words can fully express my gratitude for the many ways you have ministered not only to me but my family over the past six years.  Over the years in countless ways your loving-kindness brought me much joy and sustained me through a number of difficult times.  Thank you for all the ways you have been a blessing to me.  There are so many special memories that will never be forgotten.  I wish you well in all your days ahead.


"May the love of God guide you and keep you, the grace of Christ and the Spirit's wisdom lead you in through all your days".

Travelling from hope to hope and strength to strength through all the ups and downs, walk everyday in God’s way. Christ's Peace be with you all.


Rev. Patsy Henry






The M&P committee provides consultative and supportive action for the ministry personnel and staff of the Pastoral Charge on matters of compensation, continuing education, their welfare and interests; and oversees the relationship between them and members of the congregation. Members of the M&P committee consist of acting chair, Marni Pedersen, Secretary, John McDougall, Gayle Robertson, Don Coleman, Mary-Anne McNutt and Ralph McInnis. The committee has met often to deal with researching a possible shared Ministry, preparing for the retirement of Rev. Patsy Henry, as well as making plans for future Ministry and pulpit supply.


All paid personnel have been interviewed. The Caretakers and Administrative Assistant have had adjustments in pay to reflect living costs. Thanks to Sheila Anthony and Ian MacKay for filling in where needed with pulpit supply.


On December 17, we held a farewell party for Rev. Patsy Henry. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours. Sincere thanks were extended. We welcomed Catherine Oxenford-Grant as appointed half time Minister for a six-month period beginning January1, 2018.


Many thanks to all staff:  Rev. Patsy Henry, Natalie Wotherspoon, Stan Stinchcombe, and Doug and Joyce Casement and for their hard work and dedication to our church.


Respectfully Submitted,


Chair:    Marni Pedersen



“We bring them now and in Your Name the saving love of Christ proclaim. Through living water, grace endows; baptize them with Your Spirit now.”

From Voices United #445

Ronan Keith McNutt

Peyton Alexis Teal



“Desire and tenderness and joy and holy gifts, and ours to share in love that’s giving, faithful, kind, and grows on mutual love and care.”

From Voices United #490


Mary Therese Janice Knapp to Douglas Larry Morrison on April 29th, 2017

Corinne Ruth Elizabeth Holmes to Jeffrey Scott Jones on July 15th, 2017



In Memoriam

“From hearts that we have treasured, from lives that we have shared, from loves that walked beside us, from friends for when we’ve cared, We’ve learned to treasure kindness, we’ve learned that grace provides, We’ve learned to be together, we learned that love abides.”

From Voices United #494

Ethel Ruth Whiten

Kenneth Levi Brown

David John Link

Ronald Frederick Allen Jones





The Official Board consists of members of Session, Stewards, the Treasurer, Ministry and Personnel, Property Committee, Board of Trustees, United Church Women, Sunday School, lay representatives from Presbytery. The board meets four times each year.


The Official Board meetings are open to any member of the congregation. Any person may speak to an issue but only Official Board members can vote.


Respectfully submitted by:


Diane Revill, Chairperson

Marni Pederson, Secretary





Music at Trinity is thriving as it has for many, many, years. The excellent instruments, wonderful congregation, and dedicated choir serve as an inspiration for me. There are 16 regular choir members.


A number of excellent singers and musicians join us each year to perform in our Christmas Concert. Also at that time former music directors Ann McDougall, John McDougall, and Margaret Smith help to both direct and organize this annual event. Music from the concert was also performed at both Helen Henderson Care Center, and Kingsdale Chateau.


My message this year is to "keep up the good work!"


  Thank You

  Stanley K Stinchcombe




Darlene Nicol and I attended 4 of the 5 meetings in 2017. The major item of this past year was the final restructuring of the levels of The United Church of Canada. As of December 2018, Presbyteries and Conferences will cease to exist.


Regions are being formed.  This will be a new change for all members of The United Church of Canada.


Our church is fortunate to have Catherine Oxenford-Grant, student minister, from our Presbytery. Catherine is soon to be ordained into the ministry of the United Church of Canada, this April 2018.


Respectfully, Jane Adamson






The 2017 Christmas Hamper committee met on October 30, 2017 to go over notes from last year’s committee, and outline immediate action to be taken, assigning tasks to each of: Linda Brown, Millie Cuthill, and Nancy Moore-Carr. Last, but definitely not least, was Sheila Anthony who joined the committee at a later date.  Time-lines were established at that first meeting, leading to the set-up date of December 21, and the delivery date of Friday, December 22.


Our list from the Salvation Army included twenty-five families from our catchment area of Harrowsmith to Godfrey. Two clients had moved after the names and addresses were distributed, but were located, and received their hampers all the same. We noted that it is important for clients to inform us if they know of a potential move, so that they may be accommodated even in an emergency situation.


Thanks to the guidelines from past Christmas Hamper Committees, the operation went off without a hitch. This year quite a few people from outside the Trinity congregation, took home stickies, donated money and also their time so willingly and generously, that we encourage even more community involvement next year. The desire to be of service is obviously out there.


Clint Reid at Foodland has been a great supporter of the Hamper effort, generously donating his time and that of his staff to ensure that our perishable goods were delivered exactly on time on December 22. In addition, Clint gave us a very good price on the ham and turkeys, and donated all the bread to the effort.


Particular anonymous individuals donated all the Christmas cakes, all the cheeses, hand-knitted dishcloths, and knitted slippers to gladden the hearts of recipients.  Those little extras matter. We extend our grateful thanks to them, and also to the Milk Marketing Board, the S & A Club, Victoria Quilts, Harrowsmith W.I .and the VON Fitness groups who gave substantial monetary donations.


Our Hamper Committee considers the whole effort a great success and warmly thanks all those who volunteered time, effort, money and groceries to help our struggling friends to enjoy the Christmas that the rest of us enjoy.


A few suggestions have been added to the Christmas Hamper Book in the Memorial Room for the 2018 Committee, which will be Sheila Anthony and Gayle Robertson and we thank them for volunteering.


Respectfully submitted by

Linda Brown, Millie Cuthill, Nancy Moore-Carr and Sheila Anthony.


Harrowsmith-Verona Pastoral Charge Financial Reports For 2017

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Trinity United Church- Verona


2017 Reports


















January: we held four winter Wake-Up breakfasts, jointly with The Verona Community Association; January 14, 21, 28 and February 4. We had a strong team in place with good volunteer support from our church, and the community at large. Proceeds from the breakfasts were split in two and were each used to support charities of our choice.


The possibility of twinning with Loggieville Pastoral Charge in New Brunswick was once again shelved as we are still settling in to our new relationship as a blended church, and also, examining future possibilities for partnerships with another Pastoral Charge.  Twinning may be explored again in 2018.


Trinity has donated the piano in the playroom downstairs, to the Napanee Piano Museum, as it has not been used in a few years, and we have two other pianos in our building. Mr. John Hall, Curator, was very happy to receive our donation.


February: Our portion of the proceeds from the January Trinity Breakfasts ($1100) was donated to Prince Charles Public School, half going to the Parent Council for playground equipment, and half to be used at the Principal’s discretion where needed for spring sports equipment, or for supplemental financing of a project related to school, for some children in need.


Christmas For Kids wrote to thank us for our donation of $1,063 from the Craft and Bake Sale, held before Christmas.


We were pleased to offer the Fellowship Hall to Verona Pentecostal Church, for their farewell party as their Pastor is moving on.  A donation was received with a thank you note.


March: A notice was placed in the bulletin, on the notice board and on a sign-up sheet at the back of the church, that anyone needing transportation to and from church, would be accommodated. So far, the needs for transportation have been informally addressed, but the offer is still there if help is needed.


April: Thirteen people from Trinity car-pooled to Napanee, for a VERY informative and interesting tour of the Napanee Piano Museum.  We were able to view the piano, which we had donated, at home with its kin. At noon, we all trooped off to a lovely little restaurant for lunch.  The outing was enthusiastically received, and suggestions were made, that we should look for other possible day trips as a group, with congregants and friends.


May: Our Mother’s Day Bake Sale was held on May 13th, a sold-out affair, which enriched our coffers by over $1000.


Our zealous Sunday school children made and sold cupcakes on Sunday May 21 at Fellowship. The proceeds were used to purchase a Canada 150 bush, to be planted at the side of our church, and tended by Sunday School.  We discovered that we have an eager and convincing collection of salespeople among our younger members.


On May 27th, a Fund-Raising Trinity Garage Sale was held in our parking lot, spearheaded by Glenda Turner.  It was a good opportunity for some of us to donate useful items that have sat in our basements perhaps longer than should. A total of $655 was raised through this event.





June: We had a clear, pleasant day for our Anniversary Service, uniquely held outdoors at the Lion’s Hall Donna Clarke Pavilion on June 11. We followed up with a delicious picnic and fellowship time right on the premises.   


July: Canada’s 150th Anniversary celebration July 1st featured a large group from Trinity, ringing our church bell 150 times, the most enthusiastic being our youngsters (and a few oldsters). Neighbours had already been alerted about the event, and several came to join us. Our music was supplied by the Rev. Ian Mackay on BAGPIPES, which induced some horn honking by cars passing, in solidarity with the pipes.


An ecumenical church service was held on Sunday July 2nd at the Lion’s Club outdoor site, spearheaded by Rev. Patsy Henry.  It was very well attended by all local congregations.


September:   Our annual Apple Pie Making Bee and sale took place on September 29, where 103 pies were sold for a total income of over $900. We are looking for a new co-ordinator to work with Marilyn Duffy for the event next fall.


October: The Canada 150 tree planting ceremony was held on October 15, after the church service with Rev. Ian Mackay presiding, and with strong participation from the Sunday School. We followed up with a hot dog Fellowship lunch and ceremonial cake, donated by Jean Clair in honour of the day.


November: Andy Adamson agreed to help Don Coleman with the organizing of the Winter Wake-up Breakfasts to be held once again in Fellowship Hall.  The Verona Community Association will again be joining us to sponsor this event.


With a focus on our financial situation, options for Trinity's future were discussed at length in preparation for the congregational meeting on Nov. 19th at which a vote took place regarding a shared ministry with Centenary Pastoral Charge. The Centenary Charge declined the offer, citing other considerations for them.


December: Our farewell luncheon for Reverend Patsy Henry was held on December 17. We are so grateful for her care of our congregation during her tenure with us, and also for the support of her husband Don, and her son Bill, in lending a hand where needed.


Our Christmas Hamper community program reached out to 25 families this year.  There was unstinting support, both financial and physical from Trinity, and from the community at large, in ensuring locally that everyone got to enjoy a satisfying Christmas experience.



















The Session’s responsibilities include congregational communications, planning and assisting with worship services in conjunction with the Minister, administering the sacraments, communications with the Sunday school teachers, decorating of the sanctuary, community outreach in addition to pastoral visitations.

Members of Session are as follows: Rev. Patsy Henry, Barb Joyce (Secretary), Mary-Ann McNutt, Beatrice Moffitt, Marg Smith, Gayle Robertson, Carl and Glenda Turner, and Diane Revill (Chair)


This year, special services included:

·       Holy week services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday Service.

·       A music service May 7 featuring many old hymns and the history behind them.

·       Canada’s 150th Birthday celebration with an Ecumenical Church Service July 2, 2017 at the Verona Lions Pavilion.


The Remembrance Day service honoured those individuals who served our country during the wars. Participants included special guests who currently serve in the Military and R.C.M. P.


The advent services and Christmas Eve services were enhanced by the choir’s special music.


Rev Ian MacKay and Sheila Anthony, our Licensed Lay Leader graciously provided services while Rev. Henry was on vacation and sick leave. We thank our choir director Stan Stinchcombe for his musical talents and dedication. Thank you to the musicians who graciously offered their time and talents in the summertime.

Four Rivers Presbytery granted our request to have Rev Ian MacKay as our Voluntary Associate Minister for the Conference year July 2017 to June 30, 2018. Rev. Ian MacKay lead us in four thought provoking Bible studies in March.

Trinity is truly blessed to have the dedicated leadership of our Sunday school teachers -Tracy Irwin, Carol McInnes, and Rachael Smith –Tryon. The annual children’s Christmas pageant and carols was warmly received by the congregation.


We truly appreciate Reverend Henry’s commitment to the Ministry of Trinity United Church. A retirement celebration held Dec 17 recognized her compassion to all and involvement in all of the church activities. We wish her much happiness and good health in her retirement.


Thank you to the dedicated members of session for their commitment and guidance to the church.


Respectfully submitted Diane Revill, Chairperson







The Trustees hold our church property 'in trust' for the United Church of Canada and oversee the maintenance of the sanctuary for public worship. The Trustees permit uses of the sanctuary and manage investments, as directed by the congregation.


Through the Trustees and the Treasurer, the Grenville Mutual Insurance Company insures the church for its full replacement value, plus contents, commercial liability and limited abuse coverage. Our 2018 MPAC assessment is $231,000.00 for the church and $31,500.00 for the parking lot.


The Amalgamation Reserve fund and the Ila Townsend Fund year-end reports are included in the Treasurer's Report for this meeting.


This year, the Congregation approved the purchase of a new furnace for the Sanctuary and a furnace with air conditioning for the Fellowship Hall. Expense details are again in the Treasurer's report. This was a wonderful investment as heating expenses are 40% less this year than last year at this time.


Our proposed activities for next year include the following, in priority order, for the Congregation's consideration:


1. An Accessibility Ramp for the Sanctuary. This will require a search for grants. ($30-60,000)


2. Insulation and attic venting of the Fellowship Hall ($2,000)


3. Sanctuary Sound Management: Headsets and wireless speakers ($ 1400.00)


4. Rear Accessibility Ramp decking ($1,000.00)


5. Stippled Ceiling /Baffles for Sound Management in Fellowship Hall


6. Chimney capping /removal over Fellowship Hall washroom.


We wish to thank Carl Turner for his leadership and direction in this year's renovations. We also want to recognize the dedicated fine work that we enjoy week after week by our caretakers, Joyce and Doug Casement.




John McDougall, Secretary; Carl Turner, Chair; Ralph McInnes, Rev. Patsy Henry





2017 was a year filled with activities. Aside from the little day to day repairs, we installed the oak cross at the back of the Sanctuary.  After many days getting price quotes, and congregational approval, we oversaw the installation of two new propane furnaces.  In order to complete this project, most of the storeroom had to be emptied and shelving removed to make room for one of the furnaces.  Two used cupboards were purchased and delivered by volunteers. After the new furnace duct work was installed, the ceiling in two classrooms and the Activity Room needed drywall. This job was completed at the end of October.  New lighting was installed in two classrooms.  To finish the project, the new drywall was painted in December.  The last activity to mention was the replacement of all incandescent lighting in the building with LED. This was done through a partial grant from Ontario Hydro.


We would like to thank everyone for their patience during the summer and fall as the project lasted a lot longer than expected.


We will be tracking the utility costs to calculate the savings from our new furnaces.




Bonnie Brown, Millie Cuthill, Gord Ramer, and Carl Turner





U.C.W met 7 times. Members attended Presbyterial meetings and Quin Mo Lac Camp.


In October Rev. Ian MacKay attended our meeting and gave a presentation about Caribbean / Canada Relief. Our church up to that time had given $1000.00 to relief fund. Monies collected at Oct. meeting were given to relief fund-$30.00 We sold United Church calendars.


We meet the 4th Wednesday of each month, excluding Dec., July and August, at 1 pm at Trinity United Church in Verona.


This year was U.C.W.s 55th Anniversary. Members attended Hay Bay Church in August to help celebrate the U.C.W. 55th Anniversary.


respectfully, Jane Adamson, Secretary 




This year we have 3 teachers with 14 children ranging from age 2 – 14 years old. This Fall we decorated cookies and cupcakes to help raise money for Canada’s 150 Birthday tree. We raised $139.00.
We had them at the fellowship hour and received lots of donations for them. Thank you
In the Fall Shawn Tryon helped all the children plant the tree outside the C.E. Building. All the children who wanted to be were in the Harrowsmith’s Christmas Parade.
The children participated in the Christmas Craft and Bake Sale by donating a craft basket.
For the Christmas concert the children decided to sing some of their favorite carols. The children also participated in the Carol Service with the adult choir.
Submitted by
Tracey Irwin




January 1, 2017- December 31, 2017


During the past year 40 people were remembered with cards.


Birthday cards - 24

Get well cards - 9

Sympathy cards - 2

Thinking of you - 3

Other - 2

Total - 40


Thank you to those people who telephoned suggesting names.


Submitted by

Kathleen Goodfellow

613 374 5271





Bonnie Brown; Jean Clair; Barb Joyce; Darlene Nicol



Ken Brown – May 21st, 2017, (Celebration of Life)


On behalf of the Committee, we say “Thank You” to all whom at

these times, supply food, donate money, work, etc, as needed.


Submitted by

Barb Joyce






Sunday, February 12, 2017


Attendance: A quorum was present and consisted of Rev. Patsy Henry, John McDougall (chair) Ann McDougall (secretary) Nancy Moore Carr, Glenda Turner, Marni Pedersen, Gayle Robertson, Millie Cuthill, Linda Brown, Darlene Nicol, Andy Adamson, Jane Mackay, Ian Mackay, Don Coleman, Ed Asselstine, Suzanne Clarke, Dorina Friedli, Sabra Gibbens, Natalie Wotherspoon, Stanley Stinchcombe, Ralph McInnes, Mary-Anne McNutt, Beatrice Moffitt, Carl Pritchard, Jean Pritchard, Ardith Wolsey, Don Wolsey, Klaus Drews, Donna Drews, Ruth Barker, Diane Revill, Muriel York, Carl Turner.


1. Constitution of the meeting: Andy Adamson opened the meeting “In the Name of Jesus Christ, the one and only Head of the Church, I call this meeting of Trinity United Church congregation for all business that shall rightly come before it.”


2. Opening Prayer: Rev. Patsy Henry gave thanks for the past year and asked for God's guidance and our open hearts to hear one another during this meeting.


3. Election of Chairperson John McDougall, Secretary Ann McDougall, Vice-Chair Glenda Turner and Vice-Secretary Marilyn Duffe


4. Approval of the Agenda, as amended: Diane Revill/ Glenda Turner – Carried.


5. Motion re Corresponding Members: “That all persons present who are not full members of Trinity United Church bee made corresponding members for this meeting.”

Linda Brown/ Millie Cuthill – Carried.


6. Motion: That the minutes of the previous annual meeting, February 7, 2016 be accepted.  Ralph McInnes/ Don Coleman – Carried.


7. Business arising from the Minutes:

 a) Governance Model Decision 

 Motion: that we maintain the current system of governance at this time, keeping the Session and Stewards Committee.  Carl Turner/ Ralph McInnes.  Carried.


8. Correspondence – none


9. 2016 Pastoral Charge Reports: (pages 3 to 15)

a) A vote of thanks was given to the Amalgamation Committee.

Motion: that the Amalgamation Committee be dissolved. Carl Turner/ Marni Pedersen – Carried.

b) Don Coleman was thanked for all the work he does for the Pastoral charge.

c) The target for the 2017 Mission and Service fund is $15,000.


10. Motion: That all 2016 Pastoral Charge Reports be accepted as written. Don Coleman/ Darlene Nicol – Carried.


11. St. Paul's United Church - Harrowsmith 2016 Reports: (pages 16 to 19)

a) Proceeds from the sale of St. Paul's Church Property was $251,747.67


12. Motion: that all St. Paul's Congregational Reports be accepted as written. Gayle Robertson/ Nancy Moore Carr – Carried.






13. Trinity United Church – Verona 2016 Reports: (pages 21 to 29)


14. Motion: That all Trinity Congregational Reports be accepted as written. Don Coleman/ Andy Adamson.  Carried.


15. Report of the Financial Examiner: The books have been examined by John McDougall and have been found complete and accurate.


16. Report of the Nominations Committee -

a) The Nominations Committee volunteer for 2017 from the Congregation is Andy Adamson.

b) The financial Examiner for 2017 is Nancy Moore Carr.

Motion: That the Nominations Committee Report be accepted. Diane Revill/ Gayle Robertson.  Carried.


17. New Business:

a) A new “Sustainability Committee” was formed to explore long-term options for our congregation. Members of the committee are: Don Coleman, Glenda Turner, Mary-Anne McNutt, Gayle Robertson and Klaus Drews.

b) Remit votes will take place on March 5, and April 12, 2017 at congregational meetings after the church services on these dates.

c) Linda Brown will organize a trip to the Napanee Piano Museum sometime this Spring.

d) Rev. Ian Mackay will hold a study program of 4 sessions during Lent which he has titled “Edge of Adventure”.


18. Adjournment: Carl Turner/ Suzanne Clarke.

























Thank you Bonnie Brown and Barb Joyce for all your work and support over the years.


Session (Elders)

(3 yr. terms, renewable once)                                                 (Retiring at the ACM in February)


Catherine Oxenford-Grant (ordained Rev.April/18)

Mary-Anne McNutt                                                  2020               (1)

Beatrice Moffitt                                                                   2020               (1)

Diane Revill                                                               2020               (2)

Gayle Robertson                                                                  2020               (1)

Margaret Smith                                                                    2021                (2)

Carl Turner                                                                 2019                (2)

Glenda Turner                                                                       2019                (2)

Sheila Anthony                                                                     2021                (1)


Committee of Stewards

(3 yr. terms, renewable once)                                                          Retiring at the ACM in February


Andy Adamson                                                                     2020               (1)

Ruth Barker                                                               2020               (1)

Linda Brown                                                              2019                (2) +1yr.

Don Coleman, Treasurer

Jean Clair                                                                               2019                (1)

Ian MacKay                                                                2019                (2)

Ann McDougall                                                                     2021                (2)

Marni Pedersen                                                                    2019                (1)

Darlene Nicol                                                                        2021                (1)


Congregational Treasurer

Don Coleman


Board of Trustees

Chair: Carl Turner; Secretary: John McDougall; Ralph McInnes, Klaus Drews, Cat Oxenford Grant


Christian Education

Tracy Irwin, Carol McInnes


Representative to Presbytery

Jane Adamson


Alternate Representative to Presbytery

Darlene Nicol


Accessibility Officers

Carl Turner, John McDougall






Nominations Committee for 2019

Session: Glenda Turner; Stewards: Ruth Barker; Congregation: Andy Adamson


Funeral Reception Committee

Bonnie Brown, Jean Clair, Barb Joyce, Darlene Nicol, Irene Bauder


Financial Examiners (for 2018 financial records)

Nancy Moore-Carr


Altar Committee

Millie Cuthill, Ruth Barker, Noreen Peters


Property Committee

Bonnie Brown, Millie Cuthill, Carl Turner, Andy Adamson


Trinity Congregational Meetings 2018

Chairperson: Glenda Turner; Secretary: Marilyn Duffe

Vice Chairperson: John McDougall, Vice Secretary Ann McDougall

(The Vice-Chair and Vice-Secretary will move to Chair and Secretary for 2019)


Ministry and Personnel

John McDougall                                                                   2021                (2)

Mary Anne McNutt                                                  2019                (1)

Ralph McInnes                                                                      2021                (2)

Gayle Robertson                                                                  2021                (2)

Marni Pedersen                                                                    2021                (2)


Official Board Chairperson (1-year term)


Official Board Secretary

Marni Pedersen


Christmas Hampers (2018)

Sheila Anthony, Gayle Robertson


Trinity United Church Financial Reports for 2017

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