Mission statement


The Mission of Trinity and St. Paul’s United Churches

Is to be the ears, eyes, feet, hands and heart of Christ

In the Harrowsmith-Verona area

and in the world








Harrowsmith-Verona Pastoral Charge

January 2017




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Minister’s Report 2016. 2

Amalgamation Report 3

Marriages Baptisms & Funerals. 4

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Marriages. 4

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Harrowsmith-Verona Pastoral Charge






Minister’s Report 2016


“To Everything There Is a Season”

Reflections from the Minister’s Desk:   January 2017


Dear Friends in Christ:


          It is a crisp and bright January morning. For the first time in days, I have found myself driving to work  needing to wear protective lenses to minimize the glare of the sun   We have just endured the third consecutive ‘ Terrible Tuesday’  of January 2017. Today’s lovely, calm and not too cold winter landscape and weather somehow seems very good for one’s soul, leaving me to marvel at the wondrous gift of creation and its majesty, so evident in all the seasons.


          The year of 2016 has been beyond question a year of  challenge and blessing,  It has brought  much change and possibility.  The two congregations of St. Paul’s and Trinity  made the collective decision to amalgamate into one community of faith which now carries the name of Trinity United choosing to worship together and function from one location as we continue our faithful service to Christ reaching out to the broader communities we have served for so many years.  It has been a year of hard work, prayerful discernment and serious seeking of the Spirit as we worked through this process. I cannot begin to adequately express my deep sense of thankfulness and respect for all of you who worked so diligently and faithfully to bring us to this day and year of new hope and promise. Special thanks to our amalgamation team and the members of Four Rivers Presbytery for their guidance through the process.


          We have seen many “comings and goings in the past year.  Old friends have left us moving on to other places.  New friends have moved into our community and congregation.   We have also experiences changes in the staff of our pastoral charge.  We express our appreciation to Carl and Jean Pritchard for their years of service to St. Paul’s as custodians of that building taking such tremendous care of the church and its facilities. In June we wished Annabelle Twiddy all the best as she retired from her position as Music Director of the congregations of St. Paul’s and trinity.  Our deepest thanks go to her for her many years of dedicated leadership and service to our pastoral charge. We also said good-bye to Julie Smith who had filled the role of Office Administrator.  We thank her for all her help and service to us over and the brightness baby Noa brought to our midst in their months with us.


In this year of many transitions we welcomed our new office administrator, Natalie Wotherspoon.  Thank you Natalie for your role in making the transition from the office in Harrowsmith to Verona go so smoothly! Also thanks for your skill in the contribution to the ministry of administration within our church. We are also pleased to welcome Stan Stinchcombe to our team as Music Director in September. Thank you Stan for your energy, talent and enthusiasm and for your flexibility in fitting into this role.


The past few months has seen a huge increase in the activity within and use of the facilities of Trinity church.  It is good to see the building so well used by groups within our congregation and the wider community. This is indeed an important part of our ministry!  I would like to acknowledge and offer our appreciation to our property manager Joyce Casement and her husband Doug for their ongoing commitment and dedication to the wonderful care they give to our building and their professionalism in caring for all of us who use our facilities.  We recognize that the changes of the past year presented them with the need for patience and flexibility and we appreciate the ways you also helped us through the transition.


The events and adjustments of the past few months leave me with new and deeper assurance that the life and work of any real community of faith goes far beyond simply one hour on Sunday.  It includes all those everyday experiences of the other hours and days of the week and the commitment of those which also extends beyond Sunday. First thing this morning, I came across a reflective piece written by Ralph Milton and published in his book “Sermon Seasonings”.   As we journey together into future seasons, I would like to leave it with you.


“Many church people see bazaars, teas, talent nights, dinners, picnics as a nuisance, or, at best, a necessary break from the ’real’ work of the church.  But what if this is a very important aspect of the real work of the church.  Is it possible that in the community we call the church, getting together to do these things is acting out its togetherness, its communion?  (And is necessary also to the healthy life of the church?”

Are not all these events great times for community building.  Could it be that getting set up for a yard sale has a benefit that goes far beyond the money raised.  Could the spirit of fellowship that is fostered in this venture be worth doing regardless of the money raised?

I close now with the old familiar words of a favourite hymn:


“Let us with a gladsome mind,

Praise our God, forever kind,

Whose great mercies still endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure.”

Voices United #234

(Adapted from John Milton 1623)









Yours in Christ,

Rev.  Patsy Henry





Amalgamation Report


          In the spring of 2016, a committee was formed to amalgamate the congregations of St Paul’s and Trinity United.  Members of each church were elected to work on the committee.  They were:  Liz Bruce, Erma Bracken, Marni Petersen, Diane Revill, Doug MacIntyre and Carl Turner. Also, Don Coleman (treasurer) and Nancy Moore Carr (trustee) were added. JoAnne Fletcher from Presbytery attended the meetings for information and support. Ted Brett from Presbytery Provided guidance for Real Estate.


          The Committee met several times between April and June to coordinate the Amalgamation.  The final service at St Paul`s was June 26, 2016.


          Since July 3, the new congregation has worshipped in Verona. During the fall, several names were suggested for the church.  On Jan 8, 2017 the congregation elected to keep the name of the church as Trinity United. 

          The last task for the Committee is to decide on the system of governance.  Both Session and Stewards have been discussing the issue and will make a recommendation at the Annual meeting on Feb 12, 2017.




Carl Turner (chair)





Marriages Baptisms & Funerals



“We bring them now and in Your Name the saving love of Christ proclaim. Through living water, grace endows; baptize them with Your Spirit now.”

From Voices United #445



Brayen Aaron Cody Smith

Tucker Donald Paul Smith

Noa Rose Lynn Smith

Macie Carol Anne De Grandpre

Jackson Donald Clinton De Grandpre

Finnegan Sutherland Snow





“Desire and tenderness and joy and holy gifts, and ours to share in love that’s giving, faithful, kind, and grows on mutual love and care.”

From Voices United #490





Barry Michael Doyon to Brianna Cheryl Vandyke on May 21st 2016

Kenneth Lee Bangma to April Dawn Turner on June 25th 2016

Cory Grant Sauve to Kimberley Ann McDougall on July 16th 2016

Gerald Douglas Wilson to Janet Pauline on Litchfield on September 17th 2016

Shawn Patrick Stenson to Jessie Caitlyn Cronk on September 20th 2016




In Memoriam

“From hearts that we have treasured, from lives that we have shared, From loves that walked beside us, from friends for when we’ve cared, We’ve learned to treasure kindness, we’ve learned that grace provides, We’ve learned to be together, we learned that love abides.”

From Voices United #494





Gerald Roy Howes

Ronald Richard Hughes

Carol Toogood




Glen Albert Clark







M & P Annual Report 2016


The M and P committee provides consultative and supportive action for the ministry personnel and staff of the Pastoral Charge on matters of compensation, continuing education, their welfare and interests and oversees the relationship between them and the members of the congregation.


The members of this committee for 2016 were; Andy Adamson, Marni Pederson co; chairs


Gayle Robertson, Mary-Anne McNutt, John McDougall, Ralph McInnes 

Regretfully, this year, we accepted the resignation of our music director, Annabelle Twiddy and office administrator, Julie Smith. After interviewing several candidates for both positions we were pleased to recommend to the Official Board that Stan Stinchcombe be our music director and Natalie Wotherspoon be our office administrator.

The M and P committee established a procedure for making sure that our employees know whom to contact when issues need to be dealt with.


Rev. Patsy Henry---Gayle Robertson---Ralph McInnis

Stan Stinchcombe---John McDougall

Natalie Wotherspoon---Marni Pederson

Joyce and Doug Casement---Andy Adamson


Dates for vacation, study leave are recommended to the Official Board after consultation with our employees.


Cost of living increases have been recommended for the caretakers and the office administrator.


The committee has met with Rev. Patsy Henry to review and share objectives for the 2016-2017 year.


A similar process will be established for our other employees.


Respectfully Submitted,


Andy Adamson, Marni Pederson





Official Board Report 2016


The Official Board consists of all members of Session and Stewards at Trinity, Church Treasurer, Ministry and Personnel Committee members, United Church Women President, lay representatives of Presbytery, Board of Trustees, property committee members and a Sunday School representative.


Now that we have one congregation, it was a possibility that the Official Board be discontinued.  However, on reflection it was decided that we continue to meet four times each year in order for Ministry and Personnel, Property and the Trustees to report to the Official Board.


The Official Board meetings are open to any member of the congregation.  Any person may speak to an issue but only Official Board members may vote.


Respectively submitted by

Glenda Turner, Chairperson

Linda Brown, Secretary






Joint Worship Committee Report 2016


In 2016, we only met on January 5, 2016 to plan for the upcoming months.  Annabelle Twiddy organized the special Anniversary Service (for Trinity's anniversary) which was held June 12, 2016 at Hay Bay with Kathy Staples being the speaker.  This service was a combined service and was well received.

Since St. Paul's joined us effective July 1, 2016 this committee has completed its mandate to co-ordinate the two churches in joint worship.
The people who filled in for Rev. Patsy Henry were Rev. Ian MacKay, Jane Mackay, Sheila Anthony, Sharon MacDonald, Rev. David Timpson and Rev. Eric Barr.  During the summer the organists filled in at Trinity were Ann McDougall, Marg Smith, Stan Stinchcombe, Kate Van Allen and Hugh Johnston.
 Thanks to the committee who were part of this group.
 Gayle Robertson, Jeanette Pixley, Marg Smith, Annabelle Twiddy, Rev. Patsy Henry
Respectfully submitted

 Glenda Turner, Chairperson











Music Director Report


Music Director – Stanley K Stinchcombe

I started at Trinity United Church on the 2nd Sunday in September 2016.

I was very happy to find 3 quality instruments at the Church, an Albern Gallant organ and a Steinway Grand in the Sanctuary, and a Yamaha Upright in the Church Hall.

The timing of my arrival coincided with the preparations for the Christmas/Advent concert The Choir and I started rehearsals for the Concert in October. The Concert took place on the 1st Friday of December at 7:30 pm. The Choir was awesome and special thanks to our guest musicians including "Toute Ensemble", who played beautifully while people were being seated at the Christmas/Advent Concert.

After the Concert we took a traditional break from Thursday night rehearsal. We resumed practices on the 1st Thursday of January. We also visited Helen Henderson retirement home to sing before Christmas.


We have now started Ordinary Time which will give us the opportunity to explore a variety of general worship anthems.

I am very impressed with the Choir and the community at Trinity United Church, Harrowsmith Verona Pastoral Charge. The Choir members are willing to work hard and with the support of the congregation we are motivated to continue providing beautiful music to the Glory of God. Thank You

Stan Stinchcombe



Christmas Food Hamper Report 2016


The Christmas hamper committee met in mid-October to read through notes from the previous committee (Sheila Anthony and Muriel York). With additional suggestions from Muriel at our first meeting, we established time lines leading up to delivery day on December 20, 2016, dividing the tasks amongst the three of us.


This year we had a list of 25 families from the Salvation Army mostly in the Harrowsmith/Verona area. There were 3 additional families added, totalling 28.


We would like to thank all those in our church congregation, both present and former members, as well as many in the community who donated food from the 'stickies', as well as milk, mittens, cheese, Christmas cakes and dish cloths.


Clint Reid of Foodland supplied all the perishable foods including the turkeys and hams. He was extremely helpful and we would recommend that Foodland be used another year. The food delivery to the church could not have gone more efficiently.


On Monday, December 19th, we spent two hours setting up the tables and boxes in preparation for packing the hampers the next day. Thanks to the 10 people who assisted in this, as well as packing the mittens and non-perishable foods.


The main packing and delivery of the hampers on December 20th went very smoothly, beginning at 8 am. We had about 15 volunteers who in less than an hour packed the perishable foods brought by Clint and his team from Foodland. There were 6 people who along with their helpers delivered the hampers to each family. Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped in any way to make this project successful, bringing some Christmas cheer to so many folks.


The Hamper Committee has been very gratified with the experience of working together, and in receiving so much help from the WHOLE CHURCH in this project. We have made a number of suggestions in order to simplify the process. These can be found in a binder titled Trinity Christmas Hampers, placed near the famous Blue Book in the Memorial Room.



Linda Brown, Glenda Turner and Ann McDougall





Presbytery Report 2016


This Presbytery met 5 Regular Meetings along with 2 extra Remit discussion meetings. The Remit vote took place at the November regular meeting at Inverary United Church.

 Our Presbytery is still hoping to bring more Syrian Refugee Families to Kingston.

 The largest item discussed this year was the Remit to structure the meeting levels in the United Church across Canada. ie: Four Rivers Presbytery, Bay of Quinte Conference and National General Conference. Presbytery has not met since the Nov. 2016 vote, so no decision has been received yet.


    Respectfully submitted,

                        Jane Adamson, 

                                           Trinity United Church Presbytery Representative





Harrowsmith-Verona Pastoral Charge Web Site



Harrowsmith-Verona Pastoral Charge Financial Reports





Harrowsmith-Verona Pastoral Charge Budget For 2017




St.Paul’s United Church Harrowsmith

2016 Reports













Memories of St. Paul’s

Erma Bracken


This was a talk given by Erma Bracken on the final service at St. Paul’s United Church on June 26, 2016.


When I came to Branor Farms the parsonage had been sold, Annily Hall had been demolished and the manse was being erected on that site.

          I went to church with my family in Murvale until that church was closed 48 years ago this week.

          I remember getting a telephone call from Helen Botting shortly after the closure inviting me to a U.C.W meeting at her home. I declined (graciously I hope) stating that I was needing a bit more time. As time passed I found a need to move on and here I am 45 plus years later.

          I became superintendent of the Sunday School for a while and the attendance ranged around 100 on any given Sunday. The basement was curtained off and classes met. I remember Hilda Hodgson, Olive Wallace and Lauretta Lamont as three of the many teachers and we had a Vacation Bible School in the summer.

          I eventually did join the U.C.W and we met regularly, usually in someone’s home. As was the case in most churches the money earned was given to Mission and Service and the general fund for something that was needed, as was the case when the first known ladies group was formed in 1889 to purchase a bell and tower for the first church, the same bell that we rang for the last time today after 125 years of welcoming people to church.

          It is written that the ladies sold an autographed quilt for $87.10. They held a “sugar social” (whatever that was) and a posh officer entertainment raised $4.70. After considerable fundraisers a sum of $200 put the bell and the tower on the old church. And that was a lot of money back then.

          Our kitchen in this church was situated where our cozy corner is today, minus space for a closed in narrow stairway to the sanctuary. We had no running water and no rest rooms until the 1970’s.

          I remember one day we were busy in the kitchen preparing a wedding meal. The minister came down in a real panic, the organist had not arrived and the wedding was about to begin. Glaussie Day was our church organist at the time and she tore off up the stairs, apron and all to the organ. She said afterwards, lucky for her the organ was sunk in the floor so no one could see how she looked.

          Our U.C.W days were happy but busy days. We had “galloping teas” as we called them. A member would decide one morning that she wanted to travel, so she picked up a car load of ladies and arrived at a members door un-announced for tea. You were to go no matter what you were doing or what you looked like, and sometimes that was hilarious. I picked up a lady one morning in curlers and her nightie and housecoat.

          There were many other things we did to make money but there was almost always fun involved.

          We sold food at two International Plowing Matches in our area, one not too successful because of all the rain and mud, and I could tell you many stories, funny now but not so much then about that one, and the other one much more successful. We also sold food at County Matches, two at our farm, one in Hartington, and one in Glenvale, and we prepared bag lunches for the ploughmen.

          We compiled two cookbooks, one completely on our own with help from Dean Baker and his printing shop.

          And of course we had many regular church suppers. I vividly remember one where as usual the pie was being cut and put on plates. Then, as is the care even today, chocolate was one of the favorites. One of the men who was our in house taste tester (and his name wasn’t Dora or Carl) snuck a piece into the back room to enjoy in solitude. Well we heard an enormous outcry and were told that this pie was sugarless and would not pass any kind of test. Needless to say he was “put out” but the cook just said “I’m glad you found this out before it went to the table.”

          Then there was our most recent endeavors at Centennial Park where we served lunch at Frontenac County’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

          We had many special church services. To honor our townships centenary we held an old fashion service in our church. My husband and I came to the service in period costumes drawn by Lady, one of our 6 dapple gray percherons hitched to our buggy. Bill and Lady waited outside because of course the horse shed is long gone. Our guest speaker for that service was Dr. J.M. Shaw of Queens Theological College.

          We had our share of disasters at St. Paul’s. I got a call once to come with my rubber boots. When I got here the water was running out the door of the dining hall onto the street. And that was not the last time for that would happen.          We had a transport careen down the hill and the Wayside Pulpit and dislodge the corner stone of the church steps.

          We had a snowstorm once that was over the doors to the church. We used the snow blower on our farm tractor to clear it away.

          Once out custodian got stuck in the elevator but was able to climb out through the top. He was alone in the building. But enough of those stories.

          The event most prominent in my mind is the Tuesday lunches, started I think by Carolyn Brown. It has been a phenomenal outreach, drawing people from far and wide for many many years.

          At the beginning 20 people was a good number. Over the years the attendance has grown and we could expect anywhere from 30 to 60 people or more. We had 79 two weeks ago. We have never run out of food but once in a while the help had “pretty slim pickings” And our price at the door has always been $5.00. We do need to thank Ralph Browne (a former member) and Don Wolsey for subsidizing this amount for many years.

          The Breast Cancer Support Group has had lunch with us for a long time bringing around 20 people once a month followed by their happy get together upstairs.

          In all this time we’ve cancelled our luncheon only twice that I can remember, once due to a church member’s funeral and this past winter because of a snowstorm.

          Those who have come for lunch spent their time visiting with friends and making new ones. We who work, and those who come, I will always cherish the good times and the friends that have been made.

          One of the most exciting things is that we have ladies with no church affiliation asking to help us. We could not have done it without them and the three people whom we have inherited from Grace United in Sydenham. They came every Tuesday without fail with a pan of squares in hand. We needed their help and I think they needed us. My thanks goes out to them and the rest of the “lunch bunch” who have been so willing and faithful all these years.

          Music has always been a big part of my church life. I grew up in a church where my mother played the organ and my sister and I sang in the choir, often doing duets.

          This church choir was under the direction of Carolyn Brown at one time. It was at that time that she organized a ladies quartet. I was to sing the saprano part but was very reluctant because I had much less knowledge of the music then others. (Barb Taft, Mary McNutt and Carolyn) We sang at church and other functions in the area all for fun. And it was! We went to St. Mary’s to sing in a church one Sunday. A friend of Fergus and Carolyn went to that church and we were billeted on Saturday night. She had to have been the hottest weekend of the summer but we got through it. We were very well received with an invitation to come back again. We never did but “what an experience” thanks to Carolyn and Fergus.

          In the last few years Annabelle has given me the opportunity to sing with community members and in competitions as we as at our Sunday services. It has been most rewarding and the music has been awesome, definitely the high point for me in any Sunday service. Thank you Annabelle!!!

          I’m glad I chose St. Paul’s as my church. Many people, some of whom are gone, have befriended me and I will treasure these friendships for the rest of my life. I have lost yet another building in which to worship (this is the fourth) but I still have all the memories that have been made here along with all the wonderful friends.


                    Thank You St. Paul’s and Good Bye

St. Paul's United Church Financial Reports


Trinity United Church Verona

2016 Reports















In 2016, Trinity Stewards met on the first Tuesday of every month from 7 pm., except In July and August.  We met communally with Session later on the same evening, to discuss developments in each committee.


Members of Stewards for 2016 were as follows: Linda Brown (Chair), Ann McDougall (Secretary), Don Coleman (Treasurer),   Bonnie Brown, Jean Clair, Ian Mackay, and after Amalgamation, Marni Pedersen, formerly of St. Paul’s congregation.


In January, four Winter Wake-up Breakfasts were held in partnership with the Verona Community Association (VCA) . The money raised was divided between the two groups. Trinity donated their half to the Syrian Refugee Project.


Because of the impending Amalgamation vote, some projects such as Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner were postponed until a later date. All energies were directed toward Amalgamation.


In May, Trinity was pleased to donate the sanctuary for a Grandmothers-by-the-Lake fundraiser, featuring an evening with Ed Lawrence of CBC.

Space was also donated to the Frontenac Women’s Chorus for their annual Spring Concert performance.


Our Spring Bake Sale fundraiser sold out, with a great variety of baked goods on offer.


Noreen Peters and her committee held a Victorian Tea fundraiser, with all the trimmings of the Age, and very delicious sandwiches and desserts.


Our apple pie crew managed once again to make over 100 pies, all pre-sold.  After eight years it is now a well-oiled operation from start to finish, adding to the church coffers.


Fall indoor clean-up was spearheaded by Glenda Turner and her team.





Trinity United Church Session Report 2016


The Session’s responsibilities include congregational communications, planning and assisting with worship services in conjunction with the Minister, administering the sacraments, communications with the Sunday school teachers, decorating of the sanctuary, community outreach in addition to pastoral visitations.


Members of Session are as follows:  Suzanne Clarke, Rev. Patsy Henry, Barb Joyce (Secretary), Mary-Ann McNutt, Beatrice Moffitt, Marg Smith,  Gayle Robertson, Carl  Turner, Glenda Turner, and Diane Revill (Chair)

This year, special services included:

·       Black history month was commemorated with Linda Brown sharing a special story.

·       Holy week services included a Seder meal on Maundy Thursday, a joint Good Friday service at St. Paul’s United Church and Easter Sunday Services at both churches.

·       Trinity’s United Church 130th Anniversary Service was celebrated June 12 at the Old Hay Bay Church near Adolphustown. The guest speaker Kathy Staples gave an excellent history of the church and the relevance to our church today. A delicious picnic lunch followed.

The Remembrance Day service honoured those individuals who served our country during the war. Participants included Boy Scout members, and special guests who currently serve in the Military and RCM P.

The advent services and Christmas Eve services were enhanced by the choir’s special music.

Rev Ian MacKay and Sheila Anthony graciously provided services while Rev. Henry was on vacation or study leave.


In June, Annabelle Twiddy retired as the choir director. Her musical talents, dedication and many years of service were recognized at the Anniversary Service. During the summer months, we thank the musicians who graciously offered their time and talents.


In September we welcomed our new choir director Stan Stinchcombe.


 Four Rivers Presbytery has granted our request to have Rev Ian MacKay as our Voluntary Associate Minister for the Conference year July 2016 to June 30, 2017.


Trinity is truly blessed to have the dedicated leadership by our Sunday school teachers -Tracy Irwin, Carol McInnes, Tracy Peters, and Rachael Smith –Tryon.


The annual Christmas concert with all the children entertained the congregation.

Reverend Patsy Henry has offered many hours of compassionate care through visitations.


We truly appreciate Reverend Henry’s commitment to the Ministry of Trinity United.


We thank Kathleen Goodfellow for remembering special occasions to our members through correspondence.


Thank you to the dedicated members of session for their support and guidance to the church.


Respectfully submitted,

Diane Revill, Chairperson








a. As of Nov. 24, 2016, The Ila Townsend Fund value is $ 33, 245.69. This fund is invested through Michael Smith with Empire Life. Our Congregational agreement is that the interest be used for 'Outreach' or the capital may be used for any project agreed on at a Congregational meeting. The grand piano purchase was made from this fund. The contract matures on January 23, 2017.


b. We have insured the church for many years with Grenville Mutual Insurance Company. The Trustees agreed that this year we will explore the market to see if we can improve on the $ 3 570.00 premium that we now pay.


c. St. Paul's United Church was sold for $ 270 00.00, showing a balance of           

$ 253 770.55 after expenses. Of this $ 125 000.00 must be invested and we may withdraw up to $ 20 000.00 each year. The disposition of the remaining $ 128 770.55 is for the Congregation to decide.


The Trustees expressed some concern that the proposed 2017 budget, as presented at the Official Board on November 28, 2016, includes $ 40 000.00 taken from this reserve. While it may be entirely appropriate in this transition year, the Congregation needs to decide on a long-term policy for the use of these funds so that they are not used entirely for salaries, office expenses, heating, hydro and operational expenses.




We agreed to address this issue through a five year window. At that time, the church will likely be re-assessing its membership and financial future.




a. Accessibility: A ramp to access the Sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall.

This would not likely proceed without a successful grant application. (Estimate $ 60 000.00)


b. Propane Furnace: To replace the 20 yr. old oil furnace. (Estimate $ 20 000.00)


c. Insulation: Blown into the Fellowship Hall attic to save on heat loss.

 (Estimate $ 5000.00)


d. Repair accessibility ramp into the Fellowship Hall: (Estimate $ 1 000.00)


e. Remove sanctuary rug, paint the floor and add aisle runners: (Estimate: $2000.00)


f. Improve the Sanctuary sound system: (Estimate $ 5 000.00)


g. For acoustic reasons, stipple the Fellowship Hall ceiling and add corner baffles:


Note: Potential Investment: Solar Panels on the Sanctuary Roof; At this time this could be a good investment. Ila Townsend Fund? (Estimate $ 40 000.00)






Add an addition off the Fellowship Hall to accommodate possible future uses, such as a sharing of our space with the KFL&A Library Board, amalgamated Verona churches, a future seniors home or a community hub and general storage.




There are three church committees that are responsible for the management of the church. It is important that we are clear what these responsibilities are to avoid duplication and confusion. Excerpts from 'THE MANUAL' are in quotation marks.



The Board of Trustees


“The making of any alteration of or addition to any building on the lands, or any part thereof, or considering the sale, mortgage, lease..................of lands”.


*At Trinity, ensuring appropriate property insurance has also been its responsibility.


The Committee of Stewards


“The management of the temporal and financial affairs of the Congregation”. It will be the duty of the Committee of Stewards to assist in securing contributions, preferably by weekly envelope and every-person canvass, for......................” (salaries, pension funds, assessments/allocations/current expenses)”


“To disburse the money received for these purposes. In the planning and making of the disbursement of these monies, the Committee of Stewards shall be governed by the following order of priority:”


i. The remuneration of persons serving the Pastoral charge as Ministry Personnel;

ii. The assessments payable to the pension fund and the group insurance plan;

iii. The salaries of other staff;

iv. The assessment to meet Presbytery and Conference expenses;

v. Other capital and current expenses of the Congregation.


*Traditionally at Trinity, investments are managed by the Committee of Stewards through the Board of Trustees, with direction from a Congregational meeting.


The Property Committee


This committee is a sub-committee of the Committee of Stewards and reports to them for budget and direction.


Respectfully, Rev. Patsy Henry, John McDougall (Secretary), Ralph McInnes, Carl Turner (Chair)













Trinity Property Report 2016


During the year 2016, the Property Committee has been involved in several projects.  In the early summer, a storeroom was renovated to become the new secretary’s office. The bell tower was repaired and the concrete step for the side entrance was replaced. New shelving was installed in the Narthex for the seasonal Sanctuary flowers and several items were placed around the church after Amalgamation. In November, the floor in the Fellowship Room was stripped and waxed. In December, the water line sprung a leak requiring several parts to be replaced.


We look forward to new opportunities in 2017.




Millie Cuthill, Bonnie Brown, Gord Ramer and Carl Turner


Trinity Card Convenor Report 2016


January 1, 2016- December 31, 2016


During the past year 59 people were remembered with cards.


Birthday cards - 23

Get well cards - 4

Sympathy cards - 11

Thinking of you - 2

Encouraging you - 1

Easter - 17

Other - 1

Total - 59


Thank you to those people who telephoned suggesting names.


Submitted by

Kathleen Goodfellow

613 374 5271




Bonnie Brown; Vera Brown; Jean Clair; Barb Joyce; Darlene Nicol



Gerald Roy Howes – January 16th, 2016

Paul W. Spaar – May 14th, 2016 (Celebration of Life)

Ron Hughes – June 21st, 2016


On behalf of the Committee, we say “Thank You” to all whom at

these times, supply food, donate money, work, etc, as needed.


Submitted by

Barb Joyce


Trinity United Church Financial Reports