Trinity United Church

Officers and Committee Members - 2020



Session (Elders)

Rev. Catherine Oxenford-Grant

Mary-Anne McNutt

Beatrice Moffitt

Glenda Turner

Margaret Smith

Jane MacKay

Sheila Anthony

Linda Shane

Session Sub-Committees

a)    Worship Committee

a.     Rev. Catherine

b.    Rev. Ian

c.     Sheila Anthony

b)    Alter Committee

a.     Millie Cuthill

b.    Noreen Peters

Christian Education

Tracy Irwin

Carol Mclnnes

Rachael Tyron-Smith

Session Representative

Committee of Stewards

Andy Adamson (Chair)

Linda Brown

Don Coleman (Treasurer)

Jean Clair

Ian MacKay

John McDougall

Darlene Nicol

Jon Miller

Stewards Sub-Committee

a)    Water Monitor

a.     Nancy Moore-Carr

Nominations Committee. - 2020

Session -

Stewards -

Congregation - Ann McDougall

Board of Trustees

John McDougall - Secretary

Ralph Mclnnes

Carl Turner - Chair

Klaus Drews

Catherine Oxenford-Grant (ex-officio)

Financial Examiners - 2020

Nancy Moore-Carr

Funeral Reception

Bonnie Brown

Irene Bauder

Jean Clair

Barb Joyce

Darlene Nicol

Accessibility Officers

John McDougall

Carl Turner

Property Committee

Andy Adamson

Bonnie Brown

Millie Cuthill

Carl Turner

Rob Tapscott

Christmas Hampers 2020

Sheila Anthony

Linda Brown

Trinity Congregational Meetings 2020

Chairperson Linda Brown


Secretary John McDougall


Ministry and Personnel

John McDougall

Mary-Anne McNutt

Ralph McInnes

Marg Smith

Glenda Turner

United Church Women

President - Darlene Nicol

Region 12 (EOORC) Representative

Darlene Nocol