Easter Newsletter from the Minister (Catherine Oxenford-Grant) Spring 2018


Harrowsmith-Verona Pastoral Charge

Trinity United Church




As I write this letter, I am basking in the sunlight coming through my office window. It is 7 degrees above zero and it positively feels like Spring. However, we have been fooled before and so I have rubber boots ready.

I am so very thankful for you, the people of Harrowsmith-Verona Pastoral Charge for giving me and my husband such a warm welcome. I only began my ministry here at Trinity in January, and it has been a gift to feel at home right from the very beginning.

The calendar this year is an odd one whose idea was it to put Easter Sunday on April Fools Day? I pondered this and then it came to me that perhaps the timing is appropriate. No one expected Jesus to rise on that morning even His disciples were hanging around their breakfast fire, leaving the women to go to the tomb and place aromatic herbs on Jesus body. And then the greatest surprise ever Jesus is not in the tomb! In the early mist of dawn a man appears to the grieving women and asks Who are you crying for? They answered, We cry for our Lord who has been put to death and we see him no more. And then one of the most poignant and beautiful messages ever given to despairing souls - He is not here, but is Risen. Can you imagine the surprise, the astonishment, wonder and hope those women felt? He is not here, but is Risen.

Easter brings with it a season of new life and new beginnings. As Christians, we understand the concept of new life perhaps better than anyone, and we understand that sometimes life can also throw unexpected curve balls at us, and sometimes even pull us into the depths of despair - but always with the promise of resurrection and new life ahead of us. And so, regardless of what may be happening, we know that we are victorious, because Jesus Christ, whom we follow, was victorious over the grave. We cry out with Easter conviction: "Hallelujah! Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed!"

We continue to pray for those in need, for our congregation, for our community and, indeed, for the many troubled places in our world.

Here is a list of our upcoming special services.

March 25th @ 10.00 am: Palm/Passion Sunday with service of Holy Communion

Maundy Thursday, March 29th: with guest worship leader, Sheila Anthony.

Good Friday, March 30 @ 9.15 am**: (time change)

Easter Sunday, April 1 @ 10.00 am: Join us for our most sacred celebration of Easter. There will be an Easter egg hunt for the children.


Easter is the event around which everything else revolves, for, as Paul says, "If Christ was not raised, then our preaching is futile and so is your faith." There is no Christian message (and there would have been no Christian church) without the Easter event, so please take time to join us for worship.


In peace,