Trinity United Church

6689 Road 38,

Box 506†††

Verona, ON K0H 2W0††††††††††††††††††††††


(613) 374-2777




We welcome you to our church and hope that you find the facilities comfortable and attractive. This publication will provide you with the information and detail that you need for the success of your event as well as our requests for the appropriate care of our facility.





1. All CONTRACTS and PAYMENTS are managed through the Trinity United Church office.


Rebecca Peters - Admin. Assistant,

Trinity United Church

Box 506

Verona, On K0H 2W0

(613) 374-2777

2. The Trinity United Church Administrative Assistant is the first contact for renters and potential renters for information about the halls and kitchen, the transfer of keys, set-up and clean-up procedures, additional custodian fees, emergency procedures, health and safety matters and garbage and recycling management.




FEES (new rentals and renewals as of Jan. 1, 2020)


A. The Fellowship Hall and the Activity Centre rental ††††††††††††††† $ 20.00 per hour


B. The Memorial Room ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $ 10.00 per hour


C. For all weddings in the sanctuary, whether church††††††††††††††††† $100.00

members/adherents or the community. The use of any

other facilities will be charged according to the Fee Structure.


D. For weddings, the custodianís fee is $ 40.00. The organistís fee is $ 75.00 for the ceremony and $ 75.00 for the rehearsal. The ministerís fee for a wedding is $200.00.


E. For funerals, there will not be a charge for the use of the sanctuary, but a Fellowship Hall charge is included in the Reception donation request. The custodian fee is $ 40.00 and a funeral with wake is $ 65.00


F. Use of the kitchen for anything other than beverages and finger foods. $ 40.00




G. A fee of $ 25.00 for the management of GARBAGE AND RECYCLING will be charged, if the renter does not remove these from the property after the event.


H. Failure to return the rental key immediately following your event will result in an extra fee of $25.00.


I. Polling Station charges will be negotiated with the appropriate government body.





a. In most cases, the full hall rental fee is charged to the renter, with the option offered to not-for-profit groups to apply to the Committee of Stewards for a donation of some or the entire rental fee.


b. It is the renterís responsibility for the setup and take down of tables and chairs and general cleanup. It is the churchís responsibility for normal caretaking.


c. If there is no previous booking, there will be no charge for day before or early set-up for your event.


d. There is no charge for activities performed, sponsored by or associated with Trinity United Church.Participants in these activities are encouraged to make a small voluntary donation to help offset the cost of heating and maintenance.


e. To comply with government legislation, we must charge the same fee for church members and non-members. Members can apply to the Committee of Stewards, however, for a donation to cover the fee for birthdays, anniversaries, etc


f. The use of the Fellowship Hall may be subject to the approval of The Committee of Stewards and thus, if possible, rentals should be requested at least 30 days in advance.


g. Organizations or groups using congregational premises must provide their own liability insurance policy. The congregation requests that the user add the congregation as an additional insured in the userís liability policy, especially for groups using the building on a regular basis.


h. Fire, emergency evacuation procedures and occupancy limits have been established and posted.


i.A CHECKLIST FOR RENTERS is provided indicating procedures that should be completed before leaving the building (i.e. heat level, toilets not running, general clean and tidy conditions, major spills cleaned up, sinks cleaned, lights out, fridges, freezer and cooler doors firmly closed, dishwasher turned off, linens, garbage and recycling, all doors locked). This must be signed by the renter and left on the counter in the kitchen upon leaving.





HALL ETIQUETTE††††† Please accept the following regulations:


a. We endeavour to be a scent, nut and smoke and vaping free environment.


b. Please use your rental area only.


c. The downstairs kitchen is for beverages and finger foods only. Cooking and dish washing for any other snacks or meals must be done in the upstairs kitchen.


d. Being on a septic system, both washrooms have special requirements.Please do not put sanitary napkins or anything else in the toilets other than normal waste and toilet paper.Greasy residue should be put in containers and placed into the garbage for disposal.Special consideration must be given to the requirements of the downstairs drains, as they cannot handle grease of any kind. Soiled diapers are not to be left in the building.


e. Decorations or notices must not be attached to the walls.


f. The piano is not to be moved.


g. The Memorial Room is suitable for meetings of up to 14 people. No food is to be eaten in this room other than beverages and finger foods.




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